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Environmental Services











Inspections                               Well Water Testing                   Disease Control

Food Establishments                                   Total Coliforms                                          Food Borne Illness

Septic Systems                                           E -Coli                                                      Vector Borne Illness

Public Pools                                                Metals

Child Care Facilities                                     Organics

Mobile Home Parks                                      Others


Organized Camps


  Animal Encounters

   Rabies Control       

                Home Evaluations                Indoor Air Quality

                    Water Evaluations                              Clean Indoor Air Regulations

                    Septic System Evaluations                   Mold

                                                                      Informational Links:

Septic Systems:

Go to this link for detailed tips and information on installation & maintanence.  http://www.nesc.wvu.edu/pdf/ww/septic/pl_fall04.pdf

Food Safety:

Visit the CDC for an overview of Food Safety challenges.


Clean Water: